Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waste of time and thoughts as I digress...

I understand the concerns with gas prices, but since I have been idle from the shop the last few days and traveling down the long highway, I began to ponder about all the gripe over gas prices.
Think about it...I have seen people drive an extra 5 to 10 miles to save say, 3 cents a gallon. Now I start to evaluate this and say the average car has a 15 gallon tank in it. If you could save an (exaggerated) whopping 10 cents a gallon on a completely empty gas tank, this means that you are saving $1.50 on a $45.00 purchase at $3.00 a gallon.
Ummmm where else do bitchy Americans drive miles to save $1.50 on a $45.00 purchase? You never hear "Man don't buy those $45.00 shoes there, you can get them for $43.50 at said X retailer" I just don't get all the hype over the pennies you save by driving extra miles for the price of gas.

So give that some ponder next time you walk out of the gas station 10 miles further from your home and decided to get a water for the ride back and realize that you just paid $1.69 for that 12 ozs of WATER, which you have no qualms about that price.
Hence, for me, I run out of gas. I pull into the next closest gas station, fill up and get a drink of water at the fountain.
Meaningless Bullshit expressed. Carry on.

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