Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got to start the process of envisioning turning to reality today...

12 hours of windshield time with my PR brother Jeff was a roller coaster of stories, emotions and a shitload of laughter. While still experiencing hatred, violence and paranoia all in a 24 hr time span and I wouldn't change any part of the journey.
Jeff and I headed out to Oklahoma City this weekend for a 24 hr journey to pick up my Caddy engine. This overhaul was done by a friend that turned into a 3 year long process. So now needing the engine to progress on the frame, we decided to hit the highway and get this project rolling again by setting a date and getting the engine ourselves.
Well I realized this weekend I was turning into the "older generation". We were like two old men sharing stories, (what we considered) wisdom and a bit of philosophy. We decided we were gonna hoot it up a bit since it had been a while since Jeff and I had just hung out. Yep the elder PRs were gonna conquer Oklahoma City!. Well to make a long story short, we realized our hotel was 8 miles out of town. We began to look around and the only night life there consisted of a Hooters. So we wound up enjoying a nice dinner at the hotel restraunt, Jeff having a late desert piece of cheesecake and then crashing out not long after midnight. Yep we were badass!
Well the Caddy mill is back in KC. I spent some time mocking up the engine in different induction systems just for fun. The dual 4's are nice, but the Offenhauser 6 deuce just looks so right. Well I have plenty of time to determine if I want practicality or temperamental deviousness.
Now it is time to get the geometry down on the frame for the mounts and the X-member.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Stuff

Here are some bombs from the past. The 64 falcon was my first real car I ever built. Loved that car but I wanted something older so I bought the 56 Buick Special. Put the 53 grill in and flaked the roof. I love Nailhead motors and this car is why. Drove this everyday and it never gave me any problems. 52 Chevy truck was fun. Slow as a snail but you would get there. Had the OG 216 inline 6 and it sucked. 67 Rivi was super fun and rode great even sitting 4 inches off the ground. Drove it to Paso doing like 100 the whole way, smooth as silk. The cycle is the first build of the Honda. First hardtail I ever did and it just got the triumph pipes welded on that morning then took off to the show. I believe it is the first Primer Nationals 2004.. Enjoy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ANOTHER ONE FROM THE WEB.... Chris Webb that is!!

Greetings Amigos de Los Punk Rods. I just wanted to send out a message to let anyone who may have a car/truck or bike that they would like to submit for the World of Wheels show in Feb. to send me an email so I can get you some information.please include your street mailing address . Thanks , Punk Rod Chris,( floor chairman, old school section, World of Wheels 2012) if you can't find my email on FB , you can reach me through under vendor contact I will also be at the Man Cave Wednesday nights 6-9 pm if you would like to sign up in person .

Monday, January 16, 2012

I may not have gotten any work done this weekend...but Dave and Eric made up for it!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

shoebox re chop done

finally got this car done and out of the shop last week turned out pretty badass now in the hands of john for the final bodywork and paint , now on to the next project

progress on digger

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waste of time and thoughts as I digress...

I understand the concerns with gas prices, but since I have been idle from the shop the last few days and traveling down the long highway, I began to ponder about all the gripe over gas prices.
Think about it...I have seen people drive an extra 5 to 10 miles to save say, 3 cents a gallon. Now I start to evaluate this and say the average car has a 15 gallon tank in it. If you could save an (exaggerated) whopping 10 cents a gallon on a completely empty gas tank, this means that you are saving $1.50 on a $45.00 purchase at $3.00 a gallon.
Ummmm where else do bitchy Americans drive miles to save $1.50 on a $45.00 purchase? You never hear "Man don't buy those $45.00 shoes there, you can get them for $43.50 at said X retailer" I just don't get all the hype over the pennies you save by driving extra miles for the price of gas.

So give that some ponder next time you walk out of the gas station 10 miles further from your home and decided to get a water for the ride back and realize that you just paid $1.69 for that 12 ozs of WATER, which you have no qualms about that price.
Hence, for me, I run out of gas. I pull into the next closest gas station, fill up and get a drink of water at the fountain.
Meaningless Bullshit expressed. Carry on.


1937 Chevy Pussy Fight!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Povenmires pay a visit to Mockingbird Heights Rod & Gun Club

What do you do when you have momentum on the frame build but don't have your Caddy mill to use for mock up cuz it's still being worked on? Call an old time KC Hot Rodder, for a hand. Two KC greats in the rodding and motorcycle world John and Jeremy came to lend a hand and hang out to shoot the shit too. This father and son know what is right and done right. Got the measurements off of John's '34 equipped with Caddy mill. And then they had time to do some mini biking too!
Nothing better to have a true guy, from the day, willing to drive his rod into the mayhem of the West Bottoms to help out the younger generation.
Thank's Povenmires.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anything that involves an X is sexy.

Frame is all boxed in and was lining up the '40 X-Member to be prepped, cut and inserted in the '31 rails. Finally progress to creating something rather than looking like nothing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Auto related events around  Kansas City 2012

Feb 3rd and 4th  Wichita swap meet
Feb. 10-12 World of Wheels Kansas city MO
Feb. 17th-18th Columbia MO swap meet  
March 4th Lincoln NE swap meet
March15th-16th  Chickasha OK pre 1945 swap meet
April 8th Easter concourse St Louis Forest Park
April 14th 15th  Shriners swap meet Lees Summit
April 29th   Model t club swap meet St Louis
White Cloud /Sparks flea market  
May 4th-6th Lawrence Kansas Swap meet
June 23rd Fremount swap meet  
June 24th   Kansas City art institute show
July 26th-29th Led Sled show Salina KS
August 17th -19th  Springfield swap meet
August 31st -Sept2 Greaserama Kansas City
Sept. 9-11 Greenfield IA swap meet  
Sept 15th Worlds of Fun Fright Nights start.
Sept 25 Fremont NE  Fall swap meet  
Oct 7 BBs Lawn side car show.  

Check out this nice art work from Tom Fritz

Take a look at his site for more great art!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's cold and the sun has disappeared. Winter sucks!

Well I found a cure for the winter blues in the Midwest. If you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency or the heat, welding 40' of bead on a frame results in a lot of heat and lots of bright light. Now all I need is to figure out the substitute for the sandy beach part, but I do have a set of boxed rails now. Now onto step #2 of 1188.

Where I am coming From.....