Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Hair Check, Pop Sounds check, Love it

KKOA 2011 Salina KS

Pretty much in mass we all go to this show in Salina KS. It is top notch and is really one of the best shows in the mid west{besides ours}. Here are a couple of my favorite Kustoms from the show. This little falcon wagon is mind blowing. The Auto Butchers plaque is a long way from home. He drives that Chevy every year to Salina from Cali. Auto Butchers have a amazing history and is one of the only legit old school clubs still happening in cali. The OG plaques had a E. LA on the bottom when the Ayala brothers had there shop in E. LA in th early 50's. Cool shit and I hope the Punk Rods have that kind of Lineage as the torch gets passed down to our kids. We probably should stop having kids actually, right now they already out number the current members!

81 Means There Has Been 30 Years To Destroy This

Taking stuff apart is always the best part. I bought this 81 Ironhead motor just for spares and for the money I paid it was a good deal. You see as you get into the teardown you can always see what was going on. The tranny is toast and missing teeth and bent mainshaft means something went BAD in the tranny. Bushings are burnt and the rockers have LARGE pits in them. Someone did not adjust there pushrods. Anyways I am gonna clean all the usable parts and then just shelve the lower end. I got some new parts in the deal such as .50 over pistons, New valves and springs, Andrews q grind cams, and the oil pump, lifters, clutch plates etc etc are all good back up parts for the 79. Enjoy

Monday, November 21, 2011

diggin this digger!!

this is it , like everything about this bike i will be building mine to mimic this one

and no tammy and everybody else i do not need or will be wearing an outfit like this !!, except you might catch me in a wifebeater !!

Family owned since 51

So here is my troca. Grandpa bought it brand new and everyone in the family has owned it or driving it at some point. Drag raced in the 60's with this Mopar wedge and then put back into service by me. My mom is the little girl in the front seat. Only took me 16 years of begging to get the truck. Good for me bad for the Uncles.

Jungle Pam you killed me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1964 Tognatti Speed Shop Top Fuel Dragster.......When dragsters were fast art.

Schools in Are you Awake!

Watch Listen Learn

Baddest Mother Fucker Ever.

Some Awesome Stuff


My classic car pic

a cleaned up cos!

Old School!!

One of my favorite pics from 2011 Greaserama

Punk Rod Santa

Saturday, November 12, 2011

chopper craze

seems like the ANCHOR motorcycle shop moving back down to the shop has spured a chopper craze with the members , a few members including myself , have been secretly building bikes , here is the progress on my 76 ironhead chopper


started a re-chop of a old shoebox today , here is it tacked back together more pics to come

One Last look at the the WAR MACHINE!!

One Last look at the the WAR MACHINE!! Major changes coming!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just so no one will ever forget.

Happy birthday Fucker!!

The “IT’S ALIVE” Project

This is pretty fucking cool! Saw this on boing boing. All proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Wish I had some spare cash. One of these would look great above my fire place!