Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KKOA 2011 Salina KS

Pretty much in mass we all go to this show in Salina KS. It is top notch and is really one of the best shows in the mid west{besides ours}. Here are a couple of my favorite Kustoms from the show. This little falcon wagon is mind blowing. The Auto Butchers plaque is a long way from home. He drives that Chevy every year to Salina from Cali. Auto Butchers have a amazing history and is one of the only legit old school clubs still happening in cali. The OG plaques had a E. LA on the bottom when the Ayala brothers had there shop in E. LA in th early 50's. Cool shit and I hope the Punk Rods have that kind of Lineage as the torch gets passed down to our kids. We probably should stop having kids actually, right now they already out number the current members!

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