Monday, July 30, 2012

My eyes at KKOA 2012

Well it was another fabulous trip to Salina, KS. Nothing like heading out 3 1/2 hrs directly West on
I-70 with some of your best buds and gals to the Run-What -Ya-Brung Drags and the KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular during the heat of Summer. My journey consisted of 51 hours in a gasser, getting to see some of the coolest stuff and people out there in the kustomized world and there never was one second of boredom.

And PR Russ made some good friends while in Salina, who "really" liked his tire burning runs at the arm drop drags!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Salina KS KKOA 2012 what Cos saw!?!?

KKOA 2012

Our yearly migration out to Salina Ks the hottest small town on Kansas. It never fails to be the hottest car show ever. So after sweating buckets I ran around and shot some pics. So many good cars and trucks. It is a nice little break to not see any bikes. I want one of everything and going to events like this only make it worse. I think the A-100 Gasser is the one but in the same second I am also drawn to the El Co low rider, and the Merc, and the etc etc etc etc. Get it ! It is always fun to hang out in mass with the fellows and we had a special guest as in the Flying Weasel. We have about a month till Greaserama so be on the look out for your registration form. All 1200 went in the mail last week. Good times and paper work.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

          German for ( the brown bitch )
  95% DONE  have a little more polishing to do,  some scratches to touch up , and having a new tooled seat done   , then back to my 47 plymouth kustom
    THANKS  to
 Rickey Reyes ( anchor motorcycle shop ) , endless answers to all my questions and  the one who got me started on this build
 John Wiggins  ,  body work and killer paint
 Bob Bond     , pinstriping and gold leaf
 Creative Classics ,  use of paint  booth
 Jackson plating  , chrome plating

 los  Punk Rod brothers , lending me a hand through out the build

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Is My Registration?

 Well Folks if you have registered for Greaserama 2012 the first batch is in the mail. So hold tight and thank you for not emailing me with crazy demands. As for the rest of you out there Shea and I are all caught up and have dialed in our little paper work shuffle. Like a well oiled machine with a bunch of used shitty parts. That my friends is what Greaserama is all about. 7 weeks and counting.