Sunday, July 15, 2012

          German for ( the brown bitch )
  95% DONE  have a little more polishing to do,  some scratches to touch up , and having a new tooled seat done   , then back to my 47 plymouth kustom
    THANKS  to
 Rickey Reyes ( anchor motorcycle shop ) , endless answers to all my questions and  the one who got me started on this build
 John Wiggins  ,  body work and killer paint
 Bob Bond     , pinstriping and gold leaf
 Creative Classics ,  use of paint  booth
 Jackson plating  , chrome plating

 los  Punk Rod brothers , lending me a hand through out the build

1 comment:

  1. Dave thanks for building this bike. Couldn't be happier then letting you spend hundreds of hours building a bike. This bike is the one that tried to kill me so lets see if Dave can keep her tamed. Bike is a fucking blast and is in the top level of bikes in KC period.