Tuesday, November 29, 2011

81 Means There Has Been 30 Years To Destroy This

Taking stuff apart is always the best part. I bought this 81 Ironhead motor just for spares and for the money I paid it was a good deal. You see as you get into the teardown you can always see what was going on. The tranny is toast and missing teeth and bent mainshaft means something went BAD in the tranny. Bushings are burnt and the rockers have LARGE pits in them. Someone did not adjust there pushrods. Anyways I am gonna clean all the usable parts and then just shelve the lower end. I got some new parts in the deal such as .50 over pistons, New valves and springs, Andrews q grind cams, and the oil pump, lifters, clutch plates etc etc are all good back up parts for the 79. Enjoy

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