Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got to start the process of envisioning turning to reality today...

12 hours of windshield time with my PR brother Jeff was a roller coaster of stories, emotions and a shitload of laughter. While still experiencing hatred, violence and paranoia all in a 24 hr time span and I wouldn't change any part of the journey.
Jeff and I headed out to Oklahoma City this weekend for a 24 hr journey to pick up my Caddy engine. This overhaul was done by a friend that turned into a 3 year long process. So now needing the engine to progress on the frame, we decided to hit the highway and get this project rolling again by setting a date and getting the engine ourselves.
Well I realized this weekend I was turning into the "older generation". We were like two old men sharing stories, (what we considered) wisdom and a bit of philosophy. We decided we were gonna hoot it up a bit since it had been a while since Jeff and I had just hung out. Yep the elder PRs were gonna conquer Oklahoma City!. Well to make a long story short, we realized our hotel was 8 miles out of town. We began to look around and the only night life there consisted of a Hooters. So we wound up enjoying a nice dinner at the hotel restraunt, Jeff having a late desert piece of cheesecake and then crashing out not long after midnight. Yep we were badass!
Well the Caddy mill is back in KC. I spent some time mocking up the engine in different induction systems just for fun. The dual 4's are nice, but the Offenhauser 6 deuce just looks so right. Well I have plenty of time to determine if I want practicality or temperamental deviousness.
Now it is time to get the geometry down on the frame for the mounts and the X-member.

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