Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Stuff

Here are some bombs from the past. The 64 falcon was my first real car I ever built. Loved that car but I wanted something older so I bought the 56 Buick Special. Put the 53 grill in and flaked the roof. I love Nailhead motors and this car is why. Drove this everyday and it never gave me any problems. 52 Chevy truck was fun. Slow as a snail but you would get there. Had the OG 216 inline 6 and it sucked. 67 Rivi was super fun and rode great even sitting 4 inches off the ground. Drove it to Paso doing like 100 the whole way, smooth as silk. The cycle is the first build of the Honda. First hardtail I ever did and it just got the triumph pipes welded on that morning then took off to the show. I believe it is the first Primer Nationals 2004.. Enjoy

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