Sunday, February 12, 2012

World of Wheels 2012 Kansas City

W.O.W. gave us a chance to spark our Hot Rod and Motorcycle interests in the dead of winter. There were some great cars there this year, and there were some that I threw up in my mouth a little, but all in all it was worthwhile to get out of the house and get some new ideas and see what is being created here in the MidWest.
While temperatures dropped down to 18 degrees, what better thing to do than have a Punk Rods Shindig down at the garage on Saturday night? We got to spend some time with friends and shoot the shit, eats some burgers, enjoy some beverages, light some bottle rockets at off duty police officers as they left the lot and even do some late night mini biking. "Ben I hope you are OK?"
All in all was a good time to hang out with brothers, sisters and friends. I am inspired to get back to working on my project and marking off the days on the calendar until Spring arrives. Here were some shots of the weekend

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