Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tank frame for the "War Machine"

Had a great productive weekend on the War Machine frame. Got to spend an afternoon with Jimmy Flowers and we got the 1940 X-Member and pedal assemblies all lined up and welded in. The frame should be more than strong enough for the V-8 and if I decide to mount a 30mm cannon in the backseat. Thanks for the assistance Jimmy.
Decided for practicality to definitely run the '55 Eldorado dual 4 setup. Got my Nicson air cleaners back (Thank God, I was wigging out) after being misplaced in a box for a few years. I am really digging the look of the dual 4's set up as it has come together.

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  1. You wouldn't know where another of those Nicson Spark Arrestors could be found would you? Very cool look.