Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We're Moving!

Well, last year was supposed to be "The end of the world as we knew it", according to the Mayans. We are still here and emerging into a new era of GREASERAMA.

... In the early years our venue started out as small get togethers at a park in Lawrence, KS. As we started to see the gathering of like minded people, we needed to come up with a larger venue for the GREASERAMA as it was now going to be a full on Punk Rock car show in Kansas City, and El Torreon ballroom became the venue for 2001.

We had a very fun, roots style, show there for our friends and interested parties for 4 years. We realized that there were more out there that dug the same culture of Punk Rock, Hot Rods and Art because we started to buy permits to close off city streets to encompass our little show rather than it just being in the parking lot.

After growing beyond our closed off street parameters we decided that it was time to take the show to the next level and a great opportunity to move into a new venue, The Boulevard Drive-In. This allowed us to create something totally new for 2006, a car show in a classic drive-in theater that would allow us to play cult and B movies to our spectators for evening entertainment.

Well we have had a great 6 year run at this location. We are on the verge of reaching the 1000 mark for registered car entries and space has become an issue again.
For 2013 the GREASERAMA caveman emerges to a new world and I am happy to announce that we are moving the show this year to the Platte County Fairgrounds, just north of Kansas City in the small town of Tracy, MO (only 15 mins from the Boulevard Drive-In). We believe that you will find the atmosphere pleasant with plenty of elbow room for all in attendance.

As the show progresses and grows, we find it hard to decide on an area that keeps the vibe with the uniqueness of GREASERAMA. Many people don't like change. We don't like change. Many of the old timers wish we still had the show at the El Torreon. We miss it too. We won't have movies this year, which will be a bummer to some people, but stay posted for new forms of entertainment and additions to the show. This year will include a show car display in an enclosed, air conditioned venue, a huge vintage swap meet area along with a bigger, better band line up and some unannounced excitement that you will find out as we get closer to Labor Day Weekend.

We are staying focused on our roots, Punk Rock, Hot Rods and Art. The show will always stay focused on the dreams that our founder, Punk Rod Todd, had envisioned.

We continue to grow and welcome anyone that wants to experience a Kowtown Custom GREASERAMA, the Midwest's only Punk Rock Car Show.

Please be patient as things are progressing each day. Stay tuned and look for updates on


  1. now you guys need to come up with a good HOST hotel. car guys tend to like to hang out with car guys. Most the motels I see in Platte are airport affiliated and are close to booked up for labor day wk end.
    Met many friends over the years in parking lots of hotels.

  2. I was told its an hour north of kc..not sure we can take our car old 57 cant make it that far! We were pushing it driving 2 hours to get to Merriam....

  3. Platte City is only about 15 minutes North of downtown KC. Not a long trip. I work at a hotel in Weston and am trying to get some interest from the powers that be to become a sponsor and possibly offer a block of rooms.

  4. Have you thought about using one of the Twin Drive-In's in Independence Missouri? They are twice the size of the Boulavard Drive-In. A drive in and classic cars were the best.

  5. If you are ever in need of extra performers, I saw a group called The Dirty Martinis perform at the Salina River Festival. They are a vintage/rockabilly/pin-up group. They have a website
    We had a lot of fun watching them.

  6. Hey,
    when can we pre-register?

  7. My kids live in Platte City and it only takes us 45mins from Belton to get there. It is 15mins from the Legions for sure.

  8. leavenworth is close eat at old homer's drive in

  9. Is there camping available in with the show cars?