Sunday, August 19, 2012

Relaxing and content with 2 weeks before GREASERAMA.

So I have gotten pretty damn caught up on all the prerequisites for this year's GREASERAMA. The club has really stepped up on their duties and I really feel we are on track for another great show.
I had a little time to breath this weekend, so what do I do? Hell I have been tired of looking at the Model A frame with no body. I have the vision in my head, but I wanted to see the stance, so why not take my whole weekend and get this accomplished. I can't wait to get the fenders in place, because this will be a full fendered hot rod. Yep FENDERS! So, to see what it looked like after taking the body off the old frame and putting it on the new one, at first it looked like most any fenderless hot rod out there, but once I set the rear one in place and saw the stance......I knew I was going to obtain the level of sinister I had envisioned.

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