Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PUNK ROD TODD-The original

Many of you know him and I am sure that there are a lot that don't personally, but if you have anything to do with the car scene, the punk scene or have ever attended GREASERAMA here in the Midwest, then you have been touched by Punk Rod Todd in one way or another.
Todd has been battling an awful disease that is named cancer. I think that this is too kind of a name for this terrible disease. It should be named something worse because all it does is devastate anyone that is around a person with it, let alone the terrible pain that the victim experiences which it chooses. I personally have experienced and seen this disease take two of my family members in the last 3 years. Now it is getting the best of one of the best men we know.
Todd is a down to earth guy that will talk to anyone about most any subject for hours on end and is so fluent on our culture and a master at world history. He really amazes me at times at how knowledgeable he is on any subject matter. The man is a genius. Even though Todd is heavily influenced by the meds and pain of this disease, his mind has not slowed down one bit. He has never asked for pity and keeps sharing his vision even when he can't talk. He goes through notebooks and notebooks of writing and getting his message across to his friends and peers. Even to this day all he can think about is the future of los PUNK RODS and his show, when most others would just give up and try to enjoy the simpler things in life.
He had a vision 12 years ago of a "different" kind of car show and named it GREASERAMA. It is the only show of its kind in the world and with his thought process. He adds new themes and entertainment every year, so that the show never repeats itself. This talent of his is what makes people come back every year and look forward to what it has in store for the next year.
Todd and Leslie saw something different, something that our culture needed and I am a better person for knowing these two great people. Leslie (his wife) has been through thick and thin with Todd and deserves more credit for all she has done for us, let alone being by Todd's side every moment that she can.
Cancer doesn't care who it infects and many that it does, do not deserve its evil wrath. It has not chosen an easy victim. It had picked the wrong fight with a man that will not give up without a defiant war and will not allow it to get the best of him. I hope that with Todd's will, the cancer will feel twice the pain it has created on this man and his family.
Whatever your beliefs are, Todd can use good thoughts and vibes from all of us right now.
No one can ever fill his shoes. No one can ever create what his abilities have done for all of us.
Now is the time for all of us to come together and make his vision bigger and better than he ever dreamed.
For your sake and ours, don't take any day or moment for granted. Follow through with your dreams and leave a footprint on this world, as Todd's footprint is a huge one that all of us can be proud of and has touched us in some way.
Stay strong Todd, we have the best show ever coming up and we will all make you and Leslie proud!


  1. Greg and Traci BurnettMay 22, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    Beautifully and forcibly written piece, Eric. I met Todd almost exactly 12 yrs ago, and each meeting hence was always a new experience. Somehow, our conversations were always fresh and provoking although, still deeply stilled in the things we both loved all our lives. I hope to see Todd, you and all the people we have become connected over the years soon.

  2. I known each of them since the mid 80's - each on their own are super cool people and even better together! Tod is a dude I've always admired and look up to. He can beat this. You are right about his genius & vision. He's one hell of a guy. Tell him "Spit" said Howdy!

  3. Damn Eric. Very well put Sir.

  4. I love you Todd and Leslie.

  5. Eric writes the truth. Todd is a genius. I have always admired him and knew when I met him in the mid 80s that he was the finest kind.

  6. i was married to todd briefly and he has a place forever carved in my heart...todd most certainly was a genius, incredibly talented and had a such amazing insight into politics and world affairs...he taught me the true meaning of the words liberty, freedom and justice.

    thank you leslie for being the light and love to todd's life...

    i mourn his loss.