Thursday, December 15, 2011

Practical, No. Totally Bitchin', Yes. And built right here in the Midwest, good old MO.

Eat your hearts out fancy schmancy west and east coasters. Yep this shit, built in 1967 by Ray Fahrner (R.I.P) in Independence, MO.
It may be a show car, but if I owned it, I would be driving this downtown KC to get some BBQ along with Punk Rod Chris Webb in his Curtain Rod.


  1. ray had his place off of raytown road and blue ridge when i was 16 or 17 me and my brother would stop in from time to time and we would see this thing sitting in the show room , i remember trying to buy some crappy Volkswagen kit car from him never had enough money he later had it sitting on the corner as a sign for his shop , wish i would have hung out there more
    and ps why does Barris have his name on this ???